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Mexico News

  • Living bones, strong bones


    Strong bones are essential for the body's adaptation to the reduce gravity environment of spaceflight

    Bones Jardín Christa McAuliffe bones Mission X
  • Taste in space

    We discovered variables that affect our own sense of taste

  • Estación de Hidratacion.

  • NASA Conference Mannoni X

    El equipo mexicano Mannoni X, tuvo una gran misión: Comunicarse con los Coordinadores Internacionales de Mission X, ellos fueron Nubia A. Carvajal y Scott.
    En esta conferencia los mini astronautas de Mannoni X, aprovecharon para conocer muchas cosas en relación a los astronautas y al espacio, además de que estuvieron muy interesados y entusiasmados de conocer gente de la NASA.

    Gracias Física Laura Parrao, Nubia A. Carvajal y Scott por permitirnos vivir esta gran experiencia.

    Mexican team Mannoni X, had a great mission: Make a communiction with the International Coordinators of Mission X, the coordinators were Nubia A. Carvajal and Scott.

    In this conference astronauts Mannoni X, took advantage to learn all about astronauts in space, they were really interested and excited for met NASA people.

    Thanks to Laura Parrao, Nubia A. Carvajal and Scott for let us to live this great experience.

    Go Mission X !

  • Planet you go, gravity you find

    Strong abdominal and back muscles, or core muscles, protect our spine, maintain proper posture, and transfer energy through our body for powerful movements such as swinging and throwing. These muscles are engaged as we sit, turn our body, or even just stand still. Strong arm muscles allow us to lift weights easily, without feeling pain and are useful in most sports.