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United States of America

To learn more about what NASA is doing to get students inspired about human spaceflight, check out www.nasa.gov/education.

If you are interested in joining Mission X USA or joining Team USA, please contact the Country Lead.

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  • A little Strength Training

    While doing the Agility astro course, we did some strength training .
    Using the weights and resistance bands. All had a piece of doing both projects and seamed to have fun doing so.

  • Galaxy Cadets and TRC working together

    Astro Agility Course

    Today we performed the Astro Agility Course which was untimed and wanted to see if the participants were able to maneuver the course with the help of staff and then by themselves. Everyone did a fantastic job.
    We also used weights and resistance band to see if they could handle the resistanc

  • Balancing at Coombs Park!!

  • Bronchos Mesmerized by Microbes

    This week the Bronchos have cased the school, taking 40 samples from spots all over the school to see what microbes will grow in the petri dishes our parents so generously bought for us! So far, we found out that the urban myth scientific study that said the sink in a bathroom is dirtier than the toilet seat is NOT true in our school!!! The microbes in that petri dish would take over the incubator if we didn't keep them sealed up! GROSS!!! And COOL!!!!

    We are also keeping up our exercise and excited to see what else grows as our petri dishes continue to incubate. And next week, what will we find out about our taste in space???

    Keep walking, friends!

  • Blast-Off!

    Blast Off

    On two cold January afternoons, Team USA Sharon, MA Heights Elementary School students were treated to some cool rocket blast-offs celebrating the "Launch of MX 2017" It was a very exciting time for all.....
    Despite the cold New England weather, all launches were a success and some of our tiny astronauts ended up on the school roof (in orbit!)

    Blast Off