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Japanese News

  • 有酸素運動!!!  Aerobics!!!



    It challenges "Let's return to the base" and "Inquiry and discovery" today. My ventricular rate was measured touching the pulse of the neck and the arm. It becomes early shrinking also of time, and the ventricular rate in addition settling down though the jog has become accustomed, and starts every time by 1200m. In "Inquiry and discovery", it trains by using the vaulting horse used well by the physical education of the elementary school in Japan. Were the heart and lungs strengthened?

  • 科学博物館見学!!!     Visit in Museum of Sceince!!!


     オーストリア、イタリアのみなさんからコメントをもらいました。ありがとう!!! クラスみんなで翻訳して読みました。ミッションX、こういう世界のつながりもいいですね!!!

    It came to National Science Museum in Tokyo of Japanese capital for the visit today. First of all, it visits the launch pad tower of the lambda rocket of the antecedent of leading rocket H2-A rocket. It was a surprise at the size of the thing. Afterwards, it visits the engine of the H2-A rocket. The interest in space seems to have risen more and more. I do not think be to good when expanded ..dream to space.. more more.

    The comment was gotten from Austria and Italy. Thank you!!! It translated and it read in all children. The connection of mission X and such the world is also good!!!

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  • ミッション「月に向かってジャンプ」  Mission : Jump for the Moon



    The 3rd grade and the 4th grade tried the Mission “Jump for the Moon” with a jump rope! The 4th grade continued to skip in for 30 seconds. The 3rd grade continued to move around the gym while jumping for 30 seconds, and they were able to achieve the mission at their own pace. All of the students did their best and completed the mission! Everyone is enthusiastic about achieving the mission.

  • 宇宙空間での骨って?     【The bone in space?】



    Working of the bone was studied today. I seem to have been surprised to have to make the bone strong though it was an image that strengthening one's body developed one's muscles. The shout of joy went up, too, when understanding when it was only one flimsy drawing paper, and there was power that supported the thing of kilos how many. It seemed to notice a new working of supporting the body for gravity by today's mission, and to have deepened further though working of defending internal organs is studied at the school understanding to space.

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  • Team HONKIMARU are tackling the missions X


    It has participated from Tokyo in Japan.
    Team HONKIMORU is team of Nishita elementary school 6th graders.
    91 sixth graders are tackling the missions X.
    Senior Research Scientist Yamada came and I had a lecture specially given from JAXA on December 20.
    The missions X are tackled from January

    「JAXA MissionX 特別授業」として「宇宙飛行士の今」と「宇宙で体はどうなのる?」の授業としていただきました。

    JAXAミッションX特別授業 JAXAミッションX特別授業 光のスピード