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Austrian News

  • Snoopies crew lifting up a maserati model

    With Jakobs help Snoopies crew watched how this special robotic arm lifted up a yellow Maserati model. He constructed everything himself. I was a pleasure to watch!
    Well done, Jakob!

  • Snoopies crew and robotic arms

    Watching astronauts working outside the ISS in space with the help of robotic arms, we were thinking how to construct a special robotic arm to lift up easter eggs. Some worked with batteries and even with airpressure
    Crew members were pretty pain staking to show their creativitiy in constructing robotic arms an the base of LEGO TECHNIK. These robotic arms could lift up some easter eggs and even a Maserati model.
    Well done crew members!

  • Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!

    Zumba is the name for a dance fitness program created in Colombia. It combines aerobic and different dance styles. One doesn´t follow standardized movements but follows the flow of the music. Every song gets its own choreography. Withal dance steps join aerobic elements like squats and sidesteps in order to raise exertion. So it is an active and effective training for the entire body.

    With Zumba trainer Yasmin Kotschar our little space-travellers experienced the joy of this intense body workout. With her it was good fun to train coordination and concentration!

    Let´s dance together!

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  • Snoopies crew and CT2

    For CT2 a fun parcour was chosen that included throwing light swords as far as possible, floating through meteorits, crowling under obstacles in the ISS, pushing and catching little stars, balancing on planets, running slalom between colourful comets and partner synchronisation exercises.
    Everybody had to absolve the parcour in four sets as correct and as fast as possible.
    Partner-exercises and synchronisation in trainingg sets were pretty difficult for some members.
    With music, motivation and a lot of fun we did it all!

  • Snoopies crew and CT1

    As Snoopies crew likes to train outside we joined vitamin D and strengthened our bones - we learned how importend strong bones are before!
    Therefore we chose special stations for CT1 like rope skipping, running up a wall, jumping over ropes and obstacles, bending knees, ...

    We completed more then four stations because we liked to vary our trainings. Everybody was forced to do the exercises as correct and quick as possible in 4 sets.Theses exercises were especialy chosen because pressure and tension on muscles and joints strengthen our bones.
    The more we require them the stronger our cells get and that's perfect to prevent osteoporosis.
    There was a lot of laughter and sweat in the air as we finished CT1.