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  • Choose My Plate/Healthy Eating of the Astronaut

    The Food that we eat provides the body with energy. With the energy that the body uses each day is important for good nutrition.
    We learned about Healthy eating and the food groups the Astronauts and us as individuals must choose to eat.
    In our adapted version we learned the food groups that we must choose. Fruits,Vegetables, Proteins,Grains and Dairy.
    The Group had food [lates and looked through magazines and pasted onto plates. Then they were asked where on a handout that was labeled where each group was. Finally they were asked what are good foods or Junk.

  • The count down!

    We have started the count down and Team Sweden has almost 300 students who are eager to work hard helping Astro Charlie to reach the moon - and learn a lot more about space! The students are from Alafors, Upplands Väsby, Kristianstad, Bandhagen, Kållered and Tomelilla.

    It will be exciting to follow you all here on the blog!

    Mission X - GO, GO, GO

    Marianne, Teknikens Hus

  • Welcome back to Earth Paolo!

    Italian Astronauts Paolo Nespoli, Samantha Cristoforetti and Luca Parmitano

    Ciao Paolo Nespoli!
    Welcome back to Earth!
    We are so incredibly proud of you and all that you accomplished with Missione Vita.
    The Italian Space Cadets monitored your work on the ISS and often watched you and your crew fly over Trento, Italy. We watched you in our classroom as you landed back on Earth with the Soyuz! What a ride! We cheered when you came out!

    Keep up the great work and thanks a million for inspiring us!
    The Italian Space Cadets.


    Women Empowerment

    About 500 people from our small city Nahan in Distt Sirmour H.P, India gathered to run. The event simultaneously marked Women Empowerment. Students-staff of Arihant International School and citizens all run for a complete round of the city almost 4.5 km path. The total distance run in an hour is therefore 2250 km. What a great achievement and successful event for noble cause. Lets make our youth fit and Marathon is the best event which provide this opportunity to mass. Love your city, love your country and therefore first love your health and therefore stay fit. Run for Tim and for our astronauts.

    Nahan Marathon by AIS Nahan Marathon-AIS
  • Energy of an Astronaut-Prof Rajesh Dubey

    Students of Arihant international School participated actively in the task "Energy of an Astronaut". Boys run on single foot, girls run to and fro in an auditorium sized 1/10 of ISS. Cheers to all.

  • Uploading video

    Students of Arihant international School participated actively in the task "Energy of an Astronaut". Boys run on single foot, girls run to and fro in an auditorium sized 1/10 of ISS. Cheers to all.

  • Explore and discover

    What a fun first day back - and what a way to start off the school year! We set up the hall with obstacles (benches) and the children worked with their partner to check their resting heartbeat. The "medic" then supervised the "explorers" as they retrieved items of different masses (ranging from a bean bag to a metal base of a tennis net!) and carried them past obstacles to return them to their "base". Heart rates were checked, and then the items returned.
    Time was spent exploring how to bend knees to lift, rather than bending forward, and all of the class were able to take part in both parts of the challenge; taking turns to be "medic" or "explorer".

  • Happy New Year 2018

    Team Canada wishes you a great 2018 !
    L’ équipe du Canada vous souhaite une bonne année 2018 !

    Victoria K.

  • Energy and Particpation-Prof Rajesh Dubey

    Students inspired

    Students of Arihant International school assembled to show their energy and strength. They run on one foot.
    Girls run to and fro in sports auditorium sised 1/10 of ISS. Applause for them.

    Girls ready for challenge Touch the wall and come back
  • Равнотежа

    Током треће недеље вежбања, задатак нам је био да одржавамо равнотежу док бацамо и хватамо лопту. Једна нога је подигнута док бацамо и хватамо лопту, а ако се деси да изгубимо равнотежу и спустимо ногу - морамо да скакућемо на једној нози цео круг око свих чланова тима.

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