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Mexico News

  • Energy of An Astronaut Mannoni X

    Team Mannoni X, is learning about the importance of a good balance diet, and also the relevance of the calories in our daily activities.
    El equipo Mannoni X, esta aprendiendo la importancia de una buena dieta balanceada, y tambien la relevancia de las calorias en nuestras actividades diarias.

  • MissionX. Hydrataion Station

    It is important to stay hydrated while also identifying the signs of dehydration.

  • Hydration Station

    Hydrate the astronaut

    This lesson helped our little astronauts understand the importance of staying hydrated while also identifying the signs of dehydration. They were also able to recognize the importance of hydration for humans here on Earth and astronauts exploring the outer space.

    Hydrate the astronaut Science. Simulated urine
  • MissionX. Mission:Control!!

    Mission X. Mission: Control!!
    Throwing and catching techniques on one foot to improve balance and spatial awareness

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  • Mission: Control!!

    In an environment with less gravity, the brain needs to learn how to use sensory signals