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Teie missioon: Perform an activity that blends together squats, pushups, and jumping in the air (burpees) to promote muscular strength, agility, coordination and endurance.

In a reduced gravity environment, muscles and bones can become weak, so astronauts must engage in strength training to counter the weakening effect of microgravity.  Before, during, and after living in space astronauts work closely with exercise specialists to train hard and keep their muscles and bones strong for exploration missions and discovery activities. Activities that exercise the whole body are important to prepare for the challenges involved with living and working in space. 
Strength, Coordination, Endurance
  • Perform a series of burpees to improve agility, coordination, as well as cardiovascular and muscular endurance
  • Record observations and improvements about this experience in the Mission Journal
  • No special equipment necessary, although make sure the surface is suitable for the safety and comfort of the participants.
  • Õpilastele: Missioonipäevik ja pliiats
15 minutes per class
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