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Astronaut Logbook Day 2 – Exercise

Keeping fit and doing daily exercise is very important for astronauts on board the International Space Station (ISS) and on Earth. Think of all the exercise you do without realising – walking, running or even going up and down stairs. You may also play sports or do activities that require you to exercise like playing football, swimming or even horse riding.

Astronaut Logbook

Your Mission: Follow Samantha Cristoforetti’s routine at the International Space Station for one week and compare her daily tasks to yours. Observe your everyday routine and keep a record of it.

Lysets hastighet

In preparation for space travel, astronauts invest many hours in practicing their hand-eye reaction time. Operating the robotic arm on the International Space Station requires crew members to have quick reaction times. Crew members must …

Rock-n-Roll i rommet

In the microgravity environment of the International Space Station astronauts can perform spectacular rolls. Here on Earth, because of gravity these rolls are not as easy. In Space Rock-n-Roll, your team will perform a series of …

Hopp mot månen

On Earth, humans experience the effects of gravity pulling on the human body which applies a constant force, or loading effect. This constant force is essential for building the healthy, strong bones we need on …