Baasjaama Walk-back

Teie missioon: Perform a walk, progressing to 1600m to improve lung, heart, and other muscle endurance.

When exploring space, astronauts complete many physical tasks. When on a planetary surface, if their vehicle breaks down astronauts must be able to walk a distance of up to 10 km (6.2 mi) back to their base station. To be  physically prepared to complete their mission tasks or perform a walk-back procedure, astronauts train by running and lifting weights to improve their overall physical fitness.
Endurance, Strength, Orientation, Mobility, Spatial Awareness
  • perform a walk, progressing to 1600 m (1 mi) to improve lung, heart, and other muscle endurance
  • record observations about improvements in this walk-back physical endurance experience using their lungs, hearts, and other muscles in the Mission Journal
  • Optional equipment:
    • watch or stopwatch
    • heart rate monitor
    • pedometer
    • walking wheel
  • Õpilastele: Missioonipäevik ja pliiats
15-30 minutes per class

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