Saltare per la luna

On Earth, humans experience the effects of gravity pulling on the human body which applies a constant force, or loading effect. This constant force is essential for building the healthy, strong bones we need on Earth. The force can be increased and bones can be made stronger by doing regular weight bearing physical activities such as jumping, walking, running or dancing. This is especially important when humans are young because this is when the skeleton is most responsive to exercise loading. Regular exercise done during youth will compensate for the expected bone loss that occurs as we grow older.

In this activity, students will perform jump training with a rope to improve strength and endurance.


Coordinazione, equilibrio, resistenza
Obiettivi di apprendimento
  • Improve movement skills and strength and endurance of the heart
    and other muscles
  • Make and record observations about improvements in jump training
  • Corda per saltare (una per studente)
  • Orologio o cronometro
  • Per gli studenti: Diario della missione e matita
  • Equipaggiamento opzionale:
    • monitor della frequenza cardiaca
    • small step, bench or box
15-25 minuti per classe